How to get your music on pandora radio!

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Pandora, encourages artists from all backgrounds and styles to submit their music. This is how to get your music on pandora!
 Connect with them now to be a part of their curated collection. Check out the video below on how you can submit your music for free. I really hope this would be helpful!

Submit to Pandora:
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Pandora’s curation team is constantly on the lookout for independent, self-released music by monitoring data-driven charts, blogs, label release schedules, a variety of editorial properties, and the listening activity of Pandora users. Pandora also has an open submission system online that allows artists to submit their albums and singles for consideration. Every submission is listened to and considered carefully by a musicologist that is trained to approve submissions for Pandora.

Over the past decade, Pandora has become one of the go-to destinations for music discovery. The popular radio service allows over 81 million active users to create customized stations based on their favorite genres and artists. Pandora’s recommendation engine (built on extensive human input) then streams a playlist that is altered by user engagement in real-time. In other words, Pandora is pretty smart at picking the songs to start with, but the listener can give feedback (a simple thumbs up or down) and then Pandora gets even smarter.

For independent artists, getting music on Pandora Radio can be a great way to build an audience without spending thousands on radio promotion or advertising. If you sound like Coldplay, whenever someone creates a Pandora station based on the music of Coldplay—bam!—your music could get served up, hopefully earning you a new fan or download sale (since Pandora also displays buy links).

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