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Each week, Nielsen Soundscan counts the number of units sold for digital singles, digital albums, CDs, vinyl, and video singles. If you meet all of the requirements laid out below, you are eligible to report your sales to Nielsen Soundscan! Watch The video and get informed!

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SOUNDSCAN: This system should not be confused with BDS or MediaBase. Soundscan is not for radio… it is for retail sales. It is the system that is connected to the barcode scanners at retail stores; it tabulates the sales data, and sells it to subscribers at a lofty price. A note about who owns whom: Soundscan, Billboard and BDS are all owned by the same company, which is the Nielsen Company. MediaBase, on the other hand, is owned by Clear Channel, the largest owner of radio stations (1200) in the world.

Nielson Broadcasting is best known as the company that rates the popularity of television programs. In addition to T.V., the company is also diversified in several music entertainment properties, and is the owner of Billboard magazine, as well as SoundScan.

SoundScan is an online service that tracks the sale of music and video releases. Any music product that carries a barcode is eligible to be tracked by SoundScan, if the retailer elects to report their sales to SoundScan. Almost all of the major independent stores, as well as the chains and big-box retailers report their sales to SoundScan. The service reports sales every Tuesday morning. Anytime you hear information about the top selling records or top selling singles for any period of time, you can be sure that SoundScan provided this information. In addition to sales produced by retail outlets, touring artists can also report their venue sales themselves to the service by faxing in reporting documents.



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